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Amargosa Hotel and Opera House                  Death Valley, California

We actually spent a while back there before things started to happen. But, once they did - it was one thing after another.
Our batteries were being drained constantly. We were having to step out to try and recharge equipment or switch out batteries. After a while, we felt okay standing alone in the space while the other hurried off to gear back up.
The rumor with Spooky Hollow is that the more aggressive spirit there, the Boss Man, likes to intimdate the larger male in the group. Well, as fate would have it - that was me. And he stepped up big time. 
I was alone in the main corridor and talking with who ever was there with me when a feeling of being rushed hit me. It backed me up, but I was okay once it passed. Then, it was a bombardment of images and feelings of someone behind doors, coming up behind me. That uneasy feeling when you know you aren't alone in a house. Multiply that times 50 and that's what I was feeling. 
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After a few minutes, Chad came back and he knew something was up. We stood there for a few more minutes trying EVPs to confirm this feeling I was having. But, I'd had enough. I had to step outside.
I felt better after a little while, but could not bring myself to head back in there. I've never had that feeling since. I might have better defenses now, but whatever the case - we left the Amargosa. 
Chad kept a little secret from me until we made the decision to leave. He was using his Ghost Radar app - I know we all know it and treat it more like an app than anything "official" but this made me step on the gas back to LA a little harder. Outside, he showed me a response he got when we were doing the EVPs back in Spooky Hollow when I was feeling attacked. He didn't want to make matters worse, but this was the last word that came up before I had to leave.
Even watching the Amargosa fade away in the distance on the highway, I knew I'd go back. I needed to go back.



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