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Amargosa Hotel and Opera House                  Death Valley, California

We really couldn't investigate the first night, a Saturday night, as there was a small film crew there in the hotel. Later, another paranormal team showed up. Ah, well. Part of the fun.
The next night, Sunday - now that was epic. We had the place almost to ourselves. We were still in a little shock that we literally were left alone in the place at night as Rich and Mary Lee stayed nearby. I know that's changed since then. 
Rich walked us over to the Opera House and told us the amazing history of the place. The chairs from the Desi Arnez theater in Nevada, the intricate murals that Marta hand painted over the years. He then handed us the keys and just told us to lock up when we were done.
Well, not a lot happen in the Opera House - a few noises. So after a good while, we packed up and went inside the hotel to face the legend of Spooky Hollow.
We were lucky enough to book four of the "active" rooms and I slept in Room 15 and Chad across the hallway. We figured to try an EVP session in my room to see if we could catch anything. Chad got up to go outside to have a cigarette and left me alone in the dark while I continued the EVP session. A few minutes later, the door kicks open and Chad is yelling that a scorpion ran into the room. I literally jumped from the floor crossed legged to the bed in a heartbeat. 
We searched and eventually found the little guy. I should say angry little guy. When Chad escorted him into a trash can, we could hear it strike the plastic walls like a drum. Chad walked Mr. Pointy outside and we left him there in peace.
After that excitement, we figured might as well tackle Spooky Hollow. Again, Rich was nice enough to give us the code to let ourselves in and lock up behind us. It was thrilling. I think my heart was up in my throat.
That place had so much energy floating around there. Chad and I had to meander around a little to get the layout of the place. Creepy really does sum this area up.
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