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Amargosa Hotel and Opera House   (part two)                         Death Valley, California

The activity was a little different this time around. Nothing too heavy or aggressive, but we had a lot of different experiences. 
Chad and I sat in the dining hall and listen to dishes and equipment being moved around in the storage area. Of course, there was no one in the hotel, which made us wonder. Here's Chad in the corner checking things out.


I made my promise to myself to come back to the Amargosa and I did a few months after the first. This time, I brought along a few more friends who wanted to check this place out. 


This was Teena, Cindy and Maurice's first time to the Amargosa so we hoped it would be memorable. And it was. We had a great time there. And, Chad came along again in case of scorpion attacks.

There was a little bit more activity in the Opera House this time around. We were able to get the piano to strike a few notes for us. We heard some footsteps against the wooden floor and heard a chair creak as if someone was sitting in it.
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