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ANDREW SAXSMA - Investigator

Life, for me, has always been about the pursuit of things beyond ourselves.  A healthy curiosity in all things.  It’s a trait I’ve enjoyed as far back as I know.  I’m a midwestern guy, born and raised on a farm in Central Illinois, not far outside of Chicago.  When my parents split, me and my brothers lived with my mother in a town no bigger than a shopping mall (seriously), where I began my first efforts into becoming a writer.  Eventually, I found my way through school and landed out here in Los Angeles.  


As a child, I’d witnessed things I could not explain, but It’s fascination that’s drawn me to the Paranormal and a search for answers.  I imagine it’s a similar feeling to the experiences early explorers once had, a driving need to see more, to find what’s at the end of the path and to help those that are lost along the way.  


I’m truly honored to be a member of Ghost Watch.  Not only do they share my passion and my drive, but we’ve become a family.  Supportive and welcoming.  We have some good laughs but are focused in the field.  


We’re going to have some great adventures. 


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