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Bilingual Foundation for the Arts                                   Lincoln Heights, California

On another investigation, I took some photos in an part of the Jail that was re-done to look like a cafeteria. The first photo shows something glowing across the room. I didn't see it at the time.
The second photo is a close up of whatever in the heck it is.
The third photo is another shot of the same room seconds later. Nothing glowing any more. If anyone has an idea of what that is, I am very interested to hear. 
These next two photos show a couple of lights down the same hallway we capture the mist in. That hallway has a lot of the actiivyt from a spirit they call the Blue Boy. No one is certain if it might be a guard or an inmate but Ceclia has seen him many times there and the Blue Boy has been seen by actresses rehearsing on the stage as he likes to watch them perform.
The first photo shows (2) lights at the end of the hall. The one on the right is a rechargable flashlight they keep there for safety puposes. However, the light on the left, we cannot explain. It is beyond the flash range so it would have to be generating it's own light. It also has a different texture than the flashlight's light. 
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