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Behind the Scenes - Contest Winners


We had the honor of working for Performance Entertainment to create a once in a lifetime experience for the grand prize winners of a contest for their client. We chose the Warner Grand Theater in San Pedro California as the location because we knew it would deliver on every level. Throughout the night, we had a range of emotions and feelings as we conducted EVPs throughout the venue. It all built up to the moment when one of the contest winners had her hair touched by something. Needless to say, we had a new believer!


We are still processing all of our video and audio evidence; but wanted to share this short video with everyone. We added some evidence towards the end of the video. As always, we suggest cranking up the volume on your computer or phone to get the best sound. Thanks everyone for your support - we have so much coming up this year - we can't wait to have you come along with us on this journey! Cheers!

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