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Behind the Scenes - Page Five


With our friends, Bill and Anita, Chris and Nate about to enjoy a sneak peek at the movie, Annabelle.

Paul and Olivia after doing the Haunted Playground show with the legendary, Sheena Metal on LA Talk Radio.

Olivia our friends Julie and Monica in the Lighthouse at Pt. Sur.

                       Both of them had a bloody good Monsterpalooza 2015

          If Kevin wasn't part of Ghost Watch - he'd be a part of the Monster Squad!

 Paul acting like a zombie next to the Walking Dead's Greg Nicotero...he couldn't talk.

Andrew with our friends Bill and Anita at the premiere of The Gallows at Hollywood High School. 

                    If you're going to get choked - might as well be by Leatherface!

Ghost Watch Paranormal with our friends Benny and Heather Huerta, of Paranormal Movement Investigations at the Warnors Center for the Performing Arts.

                                  Cheers until next time! 

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