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Bobby Mackey's Music World                                                             Wilder, Kentucky

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We had the incredible opportunity to travel to Kentucky and investigate one of the top five locations on our bucket list. We've been watching and reading all about the paranormal activity at Bobby Mackey's Music World for years - so to step through the doorway was like a dream. 

Bobby Mackey purchased the Music World in 1978 and over the years has embraced the title of, "Most Haunted Nightclub in America." And we have the t-shirts to prove it! We won't go too much in to the specific history of the location; but, we'll focus more on our experiences there. 

First, Bobby Mackey's Music World is way bigger than we would have imagined. It's one of those locations that can accommodate a larger team investigating without concern about contamination. During our tour, we were amazed at the different areas that would be available to investigate: the main bar area, stage area, pool table area, Carl Lawson's apartment/speakeasy area, the area where Carl's exorcism took place and of course, the basement level where the well is. 

Talking about the well area - it's creepy as all get out. However, as recent investigations have brought to light; the tales of Pearl weren't exactly accurate. However, the biggest revelation is how the mob owned and ran the Music World back in the days of prohibition. The ladies' restroom on the main level used to be the manager's office. There's a trapdoor with stairs that lead down to the well room. Also, in the same space, there's a small jail cell where they would hold thieves or people who crossed the mob.

That's where we focused a lot more of our attention during our investigation. And it provided us with a lot of experiences. We also wanted to focus on Carl and what energies had been affecting him over the years as he lived up in that apartment. It was a fantastic night - one that we will honestly never forget. 

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