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CHAD BOISE - Investigator

Growing up in Pennsylvania, and as with the Eastern states in general, stories of the paranormal are plenty. Be it hauntings, bigfoot or UFOs my childhood was filled with experiences shared with me by others. From deceased relatives visiting family members to multiple stories of UFOs, I could sit and listen to the same story over and over again. A little excited, a little scared but always really curious!


As a child, I had seen some things myself that I could not explain nor understand. Often times being somewhere alone with a strong feeling there was someone or something there with me. Looking back, I believe this was my intuition, or as with most children being “sensitive” at the time I was receptive to things.


As a teenager and into early adulthood I became more and more intrigued by the paranormal. Books, TV shows, especially documentaries. I just couldn’t get enough. As an adult in my 30s I was fortunate enough to find a local paranormal group here in SoCal and spent many nights with them, here and there, searching for answers and looking for proof.


Fast-forwarding to today with a few years of investigating under my belt, a strong desire to seek out more, and an always growing eclectic spiritual belief, I am grateful to have been asked to join Ghost Watch Paranormal. A fifteen-year friendship with Paul and a newer bond with the others makes a for a great dynamic with this team that I see as a family in which I look forward to sharing many new adventures with. 


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