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AUDIO & EVPs (5)

Point Sur Lighthouse

I can't really stress how amazing the Point Sur Lighthouse is. Our friends Julie and Monica are docents up there and have literally been so gracious allowing us to come up and investigate. The clips below were captured in the Lightkeeper's House on the property. We have had a few very interesting experiences there, and on this night - the fun continued! All of these clips were captured on the second floor of the house. Mosty in the main bedroom and the little girl's room.

Knight of Pythias - Virginia City

For all of the times we have been to Virginia City, we never had the opportunity to investigate the Knights of Pythias building. Then came along Tara and Ryan McCleod of Soul Circle Paranormal and their amazing event - Com Con. Hands down, the best paranormal event that we have been to. The following clips are from the investigation we did and had the pleasure of having Shane Pittman lead the investigation. He was fantastic - loved the line of questioning, loved the quickness to debunk anything that occured in the moment. 

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