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AUDIO & EVPs (2)

Sassafras Saloon

This was a super fun investigation as my friend Jessica came along as well as paranormal newbies, Adam and Adam wanted to try their hand at a paranormal experience. The energy downstairs at the bar was rather quiet. So we were shocked when we captured some really solid EVPs - including the best one in a long time below.


Here are a few additional EVP clips during a recording session inside of the living room of the vintage home reconstructed inside of the actual bar. 


We moved upstairs to the speakeasy area of the Sassafras Saloon. The energy up there was quite a bit more intense. We had the constant feeling something was there with us but keeping its distance. We caught a couple of EVP responses to some questions as we were trying to introduce ourselves and get them comfortable with us being in their space.


Our time at Mentryville was very exciting.  We were able to connect with Evan who manages the property as well as is the Director for the restoration and preservation of the Mentryville Park. We started in the old schoolhouse which is on the farthest point of the immediate structures on the main part of the town. Lots of voices were heard, some in the distance, some right outside of the schoolhouse - actual conversations between difference voices. We had some experiences with shadows on the front porch as well. Things were a little more active when Lynly brought out her divining rods.

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