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Fairfield State Hospital                                                         Newtown, Connecticut                 

Our trip to Connecticut was beyond epic. We learned of the Fairfield State Hospital from our friend, Tony Spera. He suggested we take about a 20 minute drive to walk around the hospital. I don't think any of us knew what to expect. I can honestly say, this wasn't it.

We assumed it was only one building - abandoned and spooky of course, but this is an entire complex. Nothing had prepared us for the magnitude of the scope of the property. It is a working campus with some of the buildings still active with offices; so it wasn't as desolate as we'd imagined. We drove around the property for at least 15 minutes with amazing building after amazing building around each corner.

We eventually parked and were able to walk around the property. These photos we of the exteriors of many of the buildings. All were boarded up and secured. Again, never trespass. It's not worth the trouble. We'd love a chance to fly back and actually get into a few of these old treasures. But, until then - we have these photos and our imaginations. 

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