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We've included some of our best examples of photographs over our years of investigating.  As you probably are already aware of - capturing these moments is rare and we've been lucky to have the few we can share and stand behind. 

This image is our strongest photo that we've taken of what we believe is a spirit. Andrew was taking atmospheric shots before our investigation at the Silver City Ghost Town. At the time, he had no idea what he'd captured. It wasn't until our evidence review that we saw this amazing image. 

Silver City 4.jpg
Silver City 4.jpg 2015-11-5-12:30:0

One of our earliest investigations was at the Amargosa Hotel and Opera House in Death Valley. I took this candid photo of Chad and Maurizio during a break in the lobby area of the hotel. We're not huge proponents of "orbs;" but, we feel this one is truly special. 


From our first time at the Lincoln Heights Jail - it was rainy and a Halloween night. It was just four of us investigating - Paul, Kevin, Chad and Christine.  We were in the theater area when we heard some noises in the hallway. Thinking I would be tricky, I just stuck the camera out into the hallway and snapped this shot. Ignore the white square on the left side of the photo. It's the grey shadow below it that excited us. 

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