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In this section, we've included a wide variety of phenomena that we've captured on video throughout the years.  Most of the clips are short as we never really gave it a lot of thought to post them on social media other than as clips.


We were just excited to capture these remarkable experiences in the moment.


We were in the back area - an old bar that was huge as a punk venue in the 1980s. The remarkable thing about this clip is how Johnny turns to face the door just before the anomaly appears floating in the air before vanishing. 

If you head over to our YouTube page, we have this clip on a 360 camera to show there were no cameras, lights, reflections or smoke of any kind when this was caught. 


The Zalud House is a beautiful step back in time and it is kept up in a pristine museum quality of care. Yes, it's also haunted. Kevin set up his wide-spectrum camera in the upstairs hallway. The rest of the team was in the bedroom located behind the camera and light source. Benny was down the stairs from us.  We think it's a great catch as you can see the shadow, the motion and it change color as it passes through the light beams. 


A couple of quick clips from the Lincoln Heights Jail. Bother were captured in one of the administrative offices that used to be the infirmary back when it was an active jail. Not caught on camera was when the AA battery Kevin had in his pocket suddenly super heated through his pants as we were conducting the EVP session. 

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