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We understand that audio evidence is highly subjective and everyone has where they set the bar. Every investigator will tell you something a little different than the next. 

We're careful on our audio evidence with keeping our investigations small and with people we know. When we review audio, we want to be able to identify or question that voice on the recorder. Everyone who investigates with us is great at tagging themselves (and others.)

We understand and look for that variation in the texture of a recording we think might be paranormal. We also ready to go through video evidence to verify no one was unconsciously talking or murmuring during an investigation. It happens. But that's the fun of it all and why we go out and talk to the darkness in hopes it talks back. 


This audio clip below is one we captured in the basement level of the Goldfield Hotel.  Kevin and I were the only two people investigating that night - Jeri and her husband were asleep upstairs on the main level. The floor between the main level and the basement are thick and stone so there's no concern for any bleed through or contamination.  We set up the Boo Buddy a K-II and the recorder in the same area where the brick and boards flew around in the Ghost Adventures documentary.  

At the time, were were walking around the rest of the basement, you can hear us in the distance when you hear the breath.


The amazing thing about our time at the Vogue Theater was how open the owner was to us coming in for the investigation. He basically left us alone in the building and asked us to close up and text him when we were done. It was super rare to have that sort of friendly owner here in LA.

So it literally was only five people in the entire theater and we were conducting an EVP session up in the projection booth with the spirit box. (SB-7) You can clearly hear the female voice come through and how it mimicked Olivia's voice almost perfectly. It was exciting in the moment and still pretty cool looking back at it now. 


This audio clip was captured by one of our recorders that we left in the projection room at the Vogue Theater as we explored some other parts of the second floor. 


When we investigated the Vogue Theater, there were lots of stories and tales about the past history of the land and the building itself. We've since learned that the legend of Fritz the projectionist at the Vogue wasn't real. But, we tried our best anyway. 


Here's sort of a mini complication of some audio clips that we collected from one night there at the Glen Tavern. Kevin and I ventured out on our own and were joined by our friend Brandon Alvis and some of the APRA team that night. We had SO much fun and it was rather crazy that the spirits at the Glen Tavern fully recognized and called Brandon out by name.


Here are a few EVP clips from our night at the Howe-Waffle Mansion in Santa Ana, California. 



The team was invited up to the Warnos Theater to help out with a local paranormal event. This was one of the EVPs captured that night. Always a classic!


One of our favorite towns to investigate at is the legendary Virginia City. We've had some pretty amazing experiences there and look forward to each visit back. The first audio clip is one we're shocked we caught as it's a full sentence and just a few words. 


Here's another clip showing there are intelligent spirits that are listening and participating in conversations around you as you're investigating. They might not directly respond to a questions, but that doesn't mean they're there with you.


We normally don't mind our names being called out by a spirit during an investigation; but this one was beyond creepy.


Well, this one was just rude. 

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