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Fox Hollow Farm                                                                            Westfield, Indiana                


Where to being with this one. 

If you're scrolling through our website, we talk a lot about dream locations/bucket list locations and once in a lifetime locations. We've been beyond fortunate to have chances to visit and experience these renown paranormal locations. When we look over our past, it's humbling and we've been lucky. Fox Hollow Farm was a bittersweet dream. 

It was a little unsettling for the team to investigate a location with such a dark shadow over its past and yet, be a warm home for the family who still live there. On our walk through, we have equipment in one hand and scratching the head of the family dog. It was tricky to reconcile what we knew from the months of research that we put into this case. 

We met with Rob, the current owner of Fox Hollow Farm who took us around the entire property. We were shocked to discover that the apartment where Joe lived and had some incredible paranormal encounters is actually part of the main house. We'd imagined it was above a separate garage/barn area. The woods have shrunk down to where the neighbors were in clear view on this icy cold Winter night. Rob showed us the "burn pile" where Herb attempted to dispose of the remains - and we couldn't believe it was a few yards from the next home. 


Andrew was brave and volunteered to conduct an Estes Experiment while actually sitting in the pool. We were interacting with the pool where Herb Baumeister killed so many innocent souls. Our goal wasn't to connect with Herb; but to try and reach and connect with the victims. Some of our team is LGBT and to have the opportunity to try and make that connection and for a few seconds put ourselves in the very places where these men died. It lose your sense of now and slip back in consciousness and time to fall into the 1990s when Herb was killing these men.  That's the dream, the goal of any true investigator.


We also had a wonderful surprise and had the opportunity to speak and investigate with Joe Le Blanc. It was remarkable to get a chance to speak with someone who lived on the property for so long. He told us about the number and intensity of the hauntings he encountered and spoke about the attack in the pool. He took us into the actual pump room located off the side of the pool room where the bodies were kept until Herb was able to move them outside. We held the actual tubes that Herb used to strangle some of the victims - if that didn't drive home how real this investigation would be; nothing would. 

We were in the pump room for almost an hour and a half talking with Joe and conducting an EVP session. The energies at Fox Hollow Farm definitely remember Joe and when he was describing the physical attack in the pool, the K-II meters lit up. Red. For several seconds without flickering. There were moments of intense energy that built up in that room and then would fade away.  It was something extremely special and we'll be forever grateful for the time we spent there at Fox Hollow Farm. 

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