These are a few of the places we love to haunt on our days off. The best people you could want to meet. We've made life long friends of the owners and the people we've met there over the years. AND, bought some amazing pieces of horror, antiques and collectibles - Support your local shops! 

SugarMynt Gallery

The SugarMynt Gallery is located at 810 Meridian Avenue in South Pasadena, California. Kevin and I came across this treasure when we were nerding out and scouting all the locations from the original Halloween movie. This Gallery is located directly behind the Micheal Myers house.  

Of course we had to explore it for ourselves and met the kindest, brightest person in SaraRose. Her passion for all things Halloween and horror is radiant. She's creating an incredible community around her through her ever evolving Art Exhibits, Arts and Craft faires, concerts and movie screenings in her backyard.  We met some of the most coolest people through the SugarMynt and always love visiting the Gallery and bugging SaraRose about the ghosts and all things Halloween.