These are a few of the places we love to haunt on our days off. The best people you could want to meet. We've made life long friends of the owners and the people we've met there over the years. AND, bought some amazing pieces of horror, antiques and collectibles - Support your local shops! 

The Mystic Museum and The Bearded Lady Vintage and Oddities

Located at 3204 West Magnolia Boulevard in Burbank, California. These sister shops are owned by Erick and Kiko and have grown incredibly over the years. They've built a thriving community that comes out in droves with each new Art Exhibit they create and display in the back part of the Museum. These interactive exhibits have only become larger and far more detailed over the years.  And, you can rent it out for your own events too! 

It was an instant connection with Erick and Kiko and the vibe of the store. Did we mention the extensive collection of Ouija Boards they have?! Some really rare boards live at the Museum!