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Town of Goldfield and Goldfield High School                               Goldfield, Nevada

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When we all watched the initial Ghost Adventures documentary, we fell in love with Virginia City and fell in awe with the town of Goldfield, Nevada. I remember watching it in my living room and swearing an oath, that some day I would go to Goldfield and investigate there. Well, several years later and under the guidance of our mentors, LA Paranormal - the opportunity came up. I can honestly say that there is no better rush than making the bend in the highway as you enter into the town of Goldfield. 

It lives up to everything you could have imagined. 

A small, remote ghost town with some of the friendliest people you could ever want to meet. To take the drive around this town and recognize so many iconic locations you only saw on television - it's surreal. The High School, the Wingfield-Nixon Building and of course, the Goldfield Hotel. More on that location in a different section.  It also has one of the coolest police stations you would ever want to come across - it's situated across from the high school and looks like a castle in the desert. 

A few words of caution - I swear that Goldfield has only one stop sign and they move that sign around throughout the day and night. 

Also, when travelling outside of Goldfield and heading towards Tonopah - watch your speed - law enforcement is out there and they don't play. 

Our friends at LA Paranormal took us around and showed us all that Goldfield had to offer (which back then, wasn't a whole lot) The Dinky Diner is still there and is a MUST if you head out there. Fantastic home cooking with jaw dropping, belly filling portions. There was a small store located in Goldfield, so for more snack and drink options, we drove over to Tonopah. They also still have a gift shop for some great Goldfield swag while you're there. 

The high school is enormous and even after so many years, is still under renovations. But it looks beautiful standing in the setting sun. And haunted. Very haunted. Kevin with our friend Vicki saw a child shadow figure peeking around the corner of one of the classrooms on the second floor. It's an incredible piece of history that we are glad the town of Goldfield is saving. 

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