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Goldfield Hotel                                                                                Goldfield, Nevada

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The Goldfield Hotel - in the top five on most paranormal investigators list and it was at the top of our list as well. Referring back to the original Ghost Adventures documentary, the Goldfield Hotel captured all of our imaginations, sense of exploration and fear.  Our friends at LA Paranormal took us there years ago and we had the absolute pleasure of meeting Virginia, the long time caretaker of the property.  We'd only been able to visit during the daytime and under secretive conditions as the Hotel was not open to the public. We were blessed for the time we'd spent there.  Time passed and the Hotel faded away to our memories when we came across a notice on Facebook. The Hotel was reopening for investigations. 

Needless to say, we jumped at the opportunity. Unfortunately, it was only myself and Kevin that were able to make the investigation. But, on the other hand, Kevin and I were the only two people investigating the entire Goldfield Hotel. We met Jeri who moved to Goldfield and has injected a new sense of invigoration into the community. She agreed to manage both the Hotel and High School and help keep the renovation funding alive. 

We took the daytime tour with Jeri who showed us around the Hotel. We were thrilled to step down into the basement area. And taken a little aback when we saw how the renovations had opened up the space. It also uncovered some amazing pieces of Old West history - old doorways and secret passageways from the basement to across the street. To say the energy in the Hotel changed from the daytime walk through to the nighttime investigation is a complete understatement. There were a few times Kevin and I had to pause and take a breath. 

The energies at the Hotel are alive and ready to interact with you on their terms. We had a remarkable EVP session in the basement where we were led around the basement for almost five minutes by a spirit of a woman who worked down there. The second floor also took a darker turn where it felt there was someone standing in every room down each hallway. Needless to say,  we were in Heaven and hope we get the chance to come back again. 

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