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The City of Hanford                                                                      Hanford, California


Sometimes you step outside of your comfort zone and get the best surprise of your life. This was one of those times. I had some free time and decided to head out of LA and do some research and solo investigating. Nothing too serious, I know better than to do an actual investigation on my own. But I read a lot about the town of Hanford, California and as it was only about a 3 hours drive, thought it would be fun to check out. I couldn't believe how amazing this small town is and how many different paranormal locations were there. 

First off - where I stayed - the Irwin Street Inn. As you can see, it's historic and Victorian and the perfect setting for an investigation and to spend the night or a weekend while in Hanford. The desk clerk was friendly and helpful and told me about some of the ghost stories that guests had experienced while staying there. I rented out the four more haunted rooms and explored the town while I waited for sundown. 

I drove over to the town center where they have the Community Center (haunted) and the incredible historic Bastille jail (also haunted from what I hear.) They're located on opposite sides of the park and I was able to speak with some of the local officials who were really helpful and got me the information on booking a private investigation at the Community Center. Unfortunately, there's some structural issues with the Bastille so no one is allowed inside. (Fingers crossed they can do the repairs and re-open it.)

There's also the Fox Theater nearby and some other buildings that scream "I'm haunted too!"  Easily a great paranormal weekend for any team who wants to get away for short trip. 

Back to the Irwin Street Inn - the night I was there, it was mostly empty. I had the feeling other than the staff there, I was the only person on the property. I stayed in room 225 - grab that room first if you can. Each of the four rooms certainly had that vibe to them but, room 206 downstairs and around the corner on the property had the most intense. I could only spend a few minutes in there without getting serious  "Get Out" vibes. I know I'll be back with the rest of the team and we'll really dive into the paranormal world of Hanford. 

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