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Our Favorite Things

We wanted to shout out some people, businesses and companies that  we absolutely love and want to share with you. Click on the link to their websites! 

Soul Circle Paranormal started as an investigation team with Tara and Ryan McLeod, and in 2022 grew to include Shane Pittman. Shane, Ryan, and Tara share a passion for creating opportunities for small groups to connect to make memories and explore the unknown outside the traditional larger event format. Soul Circle Paranormal events are never about profit. Soul Circle Paranormal has expanded to include investigations, events, and talent management.

The premiere metaphysical shop in the Santa Clarita Valley! Mystic Dylan and Mike have created a bold, new direction from the literal ashes of the Olde World Apothecary. They provide all sorts of magical supplies and instruments from tarot cards, crystals, sages and reference books. In additional to offering psychic readings, on the first Saturday of the Month they hold a psychic faire where you can meet several expert psychics with their own individual specialites. They've created a strong and supporting community around their shop.

Scott and Kimberly Horn developed their love of the paranormal and are sharing it with the world. They build some of the best (we can swear by it) and cost effective equipment in the market today! Check out their website for some great items to make your next investigation that much more epic!

Our very own Lynly Erlich cohosts this uber-popular podcast that discusses the lives and deaths of famous musicans. She does an amazing job of going in depth and providing a beautiful presentation of the legacy of each artist. 

Erick and Kiko have created a horror, oddity and spooky empire on Magnolia Boulevard in the heart of Burbank, California. Now spanning across four stores - they offer some of the best and most unique horror collectibles in the market - their own swag is highly sought after. And above all else, these artists painstakingly craft the most over the top, fan created horror photo experiences in the country. Hands down. They are huge supporters of the community and the family that they've built around the shop.

If there is anyone who holds Halloween in her heart every day of the year, it's SaraRose Orlandini - owner of the SugarMynt Gallery. The Gallery is located directly behind the original Michael Myers house and is the centerpoint of all things Halloween. The SugarMynt hosts unique art shows throughout the year embracing and supporting the talents of local artists. They also hold horror movie  screenings in their backyard under the shadows of the Myers House. AND they even have a Air BnB you can rent out to stay the night alone in the Gallery - which rumor has it, is haunted. 

Zach Alcala hsa the biggest heart in addition to running one of the coolest thrift shops in the San Fernando Valley. Every day something new and unique is bring brought in by numerous art directions and production designers - so he has some great items every time you visit. He also sponsors a Food Drive every Saturday for his community. He should get all the business and support we can send to him and his team there!

We adore Adam Bucci and the amazing talent that he has. He's built this amazing brand from the ground up and works tirelessly to promote each new design at the biggest Horror Conventions and Markets across California. But don't take our words for it, his Final Girl shirts designs have been worn by Jamie Lee Curtis and Judy Greer to name only a few. His denim jacket paintings are iconic and highly sought after by celebrities and fans alike. Check out his shop - I can tell you these are the MOST comfortable shirts and sweaters you can ask for.

Shane Pittman and Josh Purvis are two of the nicest guys you can ever want to meet. Fantastci paranormal investigators who are as passionate about their fans as they are the work that they do. Their podcast is hilarious and informative and by joining their Patreon - you get to watch the podcast videos (totally worth it) as well as some bonus perks when you sign up for certain levels. They have a specialty shop where they offer their merchandise and some customized equipment built by Horn Paranormal. Check them out and send them some love. 

Tim Henry has spent the entirety of 2023 searching and collecting an amazing collection  of antique glassware, silver pieces and ceramic creations. HIs on-line shop has something for everyone. Literally. His mantra is giving these pieces of history a new life and a new purpose in this modern world. Artistically blending the contemporary with the vintage, Tim provides you with some inspired tablescapes and design moments for your home or gifts for the people you love. Check out The Shoppe - opening in February 2024!

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