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Letchworth Village                                                         Rockland County, New York

While in Connecticut to see the Warren Museum, we took a bit of a detour one afternoon to check out the legendary Letchworth Village.  It's been on a few of the paranormal shows and looked incredible and ominous and was definitely someplace we had to explore. So a few hours of our ma app taking us in the wrong direction, and we were there. Kind of. We had some trouble actually finding it. The first two photos were of buildings we thought was the village itself. But a short walk across the road and we saw the first of many buildings that comprise the Letchworth Village campus. 

We drove down the road and found the actual parking lot for the Village, which is actually a park that's open to the public. We were fortunate as there weren't a lot of people walking around and there were many times it felt like we were the only ones around. To be honest, it was a little overwhelming once we realized the scope of the property not to mention the number of buildings that scattered the park. 

The most breathtaking part of the Village was how nature was literally reclaiming the land for itself. Green vines, branches and trees invaded the walls and roofs of many of the buildings and some seemed to be swallowed up by the environment. Most of the buildings are closed off to the public as they are in various states of disrepair and deterioration. But just to have the opportunity to walk amongst these magnificent buildings and have a sense of the number of patients this location housed was humbling. Most of us are from the West Coast where we have nothing like this at all. 

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