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Los Angeles Police Museum                                                Los Angeles, California

The Los Angeles Police Museum, or the Highland Park Police Museum as I knew it growing up is a very personal location for me. My mom used to work just down the street from the precinct and I would walk by it from time to time on my way home from Jr. and High School.  I highly encourage everyone to take the tour and learn about Los Angeles history and the evolution of the Los Angeles Police Department. There are literally thousands of items from the actual weapons used in crimes, clothing worn by suspects and artifacts from decades of infamous LA crime history. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of pieces of ephemera and real evidence not on display but tucked in locked rooms.

The times we have led paranormal groups into the building, we have had a multitude of interactions and experiences with whatever energies are still there. there are two deaths confirmed at this location - in 1953, Manny Patzo hanged himself in one of the felony jail cells and in 1954, Margaret McClure committed suicide in the shooting range area of the basement - not a storage area for case documents. The team there has reported many, many personal experiences over the years with several of the more overt interactions being with the energies in the North Hollywood Shoot Out display.  The actual weapons used, the clothing worn by the suspects and bullet casings are all there in this remarkable time capsule. 

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