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Mackay Mansion                                                                     Virginia City, Nevada


The team's been to Virginia City several times over the years; but, this was the first time we had the opportunity to investigate that historic Mackay Mansion. We were thrilled to get the chance to explore what the mansion had within its walls. During the tour, I think everyone was shocked to learn of the amazing American history that happened here - United States Presidents and Congressmen dined here. 

It was a night that turned on us a little bit. Again, our walk through during the daytime was one thing; but then as night fell upon the Mansion, the energy shifted a bit. The start of the investigation was uneventful; and we took a break to sort of rethink our approach. One of our favorite things to do to stir up the energy at a location (especially with reported child spirits) is to play hide and seek. We went up to the second floor and started the game.

Well, that's when the night took a turn. Almost immediately, the energy in one of the bedrooms became dark and ominous. Voices captured on EVPs were now being direct and replying to us. Shadow figures began to appear and watch us from other rooms and move about the second floor in unnerving ways. We also heard a loud THUMP over head - it sounded like a wooden dresser or heavy chest was knocked over and dragged on the floor. The attic is padlocked and no one was up there the entire night. 

We ended the investigation before things escalated any further. It's best to know when people are at the limit and not cross that line. We'd love to come back and see how Mackay Mansion would treat us on a second visit. 

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