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Mentryville Park                                 Stevenson Ranch, California

Mentryville Park is one of Southern California most interesting and historic landmarks that is open to the publics during the daytime. Tucked away in the hills surrounding Newhall and Santa Clarita, this well preserved monument to the golden age of the California oil boom. Founded in the 1870s by Charles Mentry, this site was the longest running oil field from 1876 to 1990. 

This small town blossomed to have over 100 people living in it and is the site to the oldest schoolhouse in Santa Clarita (1885.) There are many original structures left standing on the property, with the main iconic building being the Mentry Mansion. There are hundreds of stories of paranormal activity in the schoolhouse and Mentry Mansion as well as the surrounding land. We heard voices and conversations at the schoolhouse. Shadow figures moved around the porch.  Inside of the Mentry Mansion, we saw a few shadow figures moving around the second floor and had an amazing interaction with toys being moved on the first floor. The location is very active, and if you can, make sure to have Evan there with you as the spirits are very welcoming to him being a part of your group. 





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