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Tanyard House                                                      Shaker Village, Kentucky


One of the biggest surprises of our trip to Kentucky was us staying the night in the Tanyard House at Shaker Village. This is a real hidden gem that we really shouldn't be talking about so word doesn't get out. But...too late now. 

The entire Shaker Village is phenomenal - historic and meticulously maintained buildings fill the land all around. And what's really amazing - you can spend the night in one of the rented rooms there. Shaker Village is a little out of the way - which of course makes it that much more amazing. Kevin and Anthony were excited to share this location with Andrew and myself. It definitely lived up to the hype. 

Not only can you take a stroll around Shaker Village and during the daytime, walk in and out of these historic buildings but you can stop to appreciate that the main road that cuts through Shaker Village was used by armies during the Civil War. American history is in every house, window and door that you can see and touch. And the restaurant there is delicious. The team there was so friendly and when the saw our logos, were happy to share some paranormal experiences that they've had there in that same building. They were even nice enough to give us a behind the scenes tour of the kitchen and upstairs. 

Side note - I feel for the supervisor who has to work in the office downstairs. It gave me a dull headache which is usually my indicator that something's around me. 

But, the Tanyard House is the ultimate overnight paranormal adventure. The house itself is about a quarter of a mile away from the closest building and at least a mile away from the heart of Shaker Village. It's isolated in the woods and the perfect setting for an overnight investigation. Our time conducting an Estes Experiment paid off with validated responses for each of us. 

Side note #2 - we were expecting a little more of a rougher, rugged accommodations at the Tanyard House - but we were surprised to find the rooms and bathrooms were really of the highest comfort and quality.  You can be pampered and terrified at the same time. 

We can't recommend staying at the Tanyard House enough. And this is a MUST on our next trip back out to Kentucky! 

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