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Octagon Hall                                                                   Franklin, Kentucky


The third investigation on our trip to Kentucky was the infamous and historic, Octagon Hall. We'd seen so many paranormal shows, paranormal groups and tours investigate here with some great results. It was inspiring to see how they've embraced the paranormal community; and in reverse, the paranormal community supports and upholds Octagon Hall as one of the remarkable places to investigate. It's a fantastic location to have been allowed to experience for ourselves. 

The history of the building is rich with the tales of the Civil War and Underground Railroad utilizing hidden passages located under the Hall and out to the fields. They've done a fantastic job maintaining the integrity of the Museum and displaying these historic artifacts as they might have been back in the day. Also located on the property, is the old slave house. It's in rough shape and has caution tape protecting its remains. But you can feel the history emanate from its wooden fragments. 

Further away, tucked in a small grove of trees, is the slave cemetery. The grave markers are small and easily mistaken for stones or broken bricks - but once you stop and realize what they are - you take a pause at the number of grave sites around you. On a previous investigation with a paranormal event, Kevin saw an apparition walk behind a tree and not come out the other side. When he went to look, there was nothing there. Although not caught on camera, there was a witness who saw the same thing he did to verify his experience. 

It's a majestic building with energies that linger from a time long ago. Nothing dark or ominous haunting the Octagon Hall from our experiences; but definitely something there that's intelligent and interacts with you on their terms. We did the Estes Experiment in one of the bedrooms on the second floor and decided to live stream it on Instagram. It was great to share in the moment with everyone and it surprised us at how active the night became during the experiment. 

We have some very fond memories of the Octagon Hall and hope to have a chance to come back and reintroduce ourselves to whatever still lives within its walls. 

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