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Patterson House Museum                                      Hemet, California  

The Patterson House Museum was a great little discovery in the city of Winchester, California.  It's one of those locations that's a little off the beaten path but rich in local history. I think what made this investigation so special was the number of friends that we were able to get together to investigate the Patterson House.

The Museum itself is on the small side of locations so a small team working in one section or covering one floor would work out great. Anything more than that and you're fighting sounds and audio contamination. It's in the perfect setting to create the atmosphere for a paranormal investigation.  Sometimes, just being in that mind set helps to get you prepared. 


Based on the time we were there, we didn't feel anything negative or oppressive from the House. But I also believe just the sheer number of people might have intimidated any energies at the house. As always, we'd be up for a round two!  

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