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Pine Street Saloon                                        Paso Robles, California

The investigation at the Pine Street Saloon meant the world to me. I was able to this one with my original ghost hunter friend from high school, Craig. He knows the owner of the Saloon and was able to get us in for one night. We jumped at the chance. 

I was familiar with the location from the series, "The Dead Files." But, as always, you go into a location with an open mind as every location will react to different people in a unique way. Energies at these locations will find the person they want to speak with or in some cases attack. We got there and the owner showed us several videos from the security cameras upstairs in the hallway of people being pinched, poked or pulled at. 

When you investigate here, you have to understand it is a working bar which stays open until late on most nights and on the weekends. So there's a lot of noise from people and music outside and downstairs. But, as the night gets later and things settle down in the bar - you start to be able to investigate without any problems. It was a cool location and it was great to see Craig jump in and actually call out a spot with some darker energy that we later found out was the corner where someone hanged themselves. 

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