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Pt. Sur Lighthouse - 4                                                      Big Sur, California

One of our favorite locations to have the privilege to get to investigate. It's honestly a joy every time we head up there to spend some time with Julie and Monica, the best docents and advocates for the property the State could ask for. This time was no exception. 
For me, the Light Keepers home was beyond active and interactive. I'm not sure if it's because the property was shuttered for some road and bridge repairs so they missed the energy of people coming inside or they just are starting to be comfortable around us - but some of the EVPs we captured on the second floor were remarkable.  The rest of the property on this visit was beautful as always; but was quiet and serene. I can't recommend this location enough to fellow investigators. 

Photo Aug 21, 6 02 19 PM.heic
Photo Aug 21, 6 00 26 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 21, 5 57 35 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 21, 6 10 55 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 21, 6 11 02 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 21, 6 43 33 PM.jpg
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