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The City of Tonopah                                                     Tonopah, Nevada




Before this trip, we'd only either drive through Tonopah or shopped there for supplies as we were staying and investigating in nearby Goldfield.  It was great to actually take the time to explore the town and uncover the amazing treasures that Tonopah has to offer. It really is a town rich in the paranormal and has many locations open to investigating. 

We spent the night in the historic and haunted Mizpah Hotel. It's a great place to stay with a great restaurant and bar downstairs in the lobby. When you walk inside, it feels like you're in another decade. There are many stories that the people who work at the Mizpah are willing to share with you and it seems they take pride in how haunted their hotel is. 

Down the street from the Mizaph is the infamous Clown Motel. We've never stayed there; but maybe on our next road trip out there we can. The Clown Motel is known for being creepy because, clowns. And also, it's right next to the Tonopah Cemetery. They actually share a parking lot. I wonder what sort of activity they have going on there. 

Kevin and I also came across this amazing mine located on top of the hill overlooking the town of Tonopah. It's a great morning or afternoon adventure and they seemed open to allowing us to come back and investigate some of there historic outbuildings. We also spent some time across the street from the Mizpah Hotel - the Tonopah Liquor Company. We can't say enough good things about the bar and the staff there. They were super friendly and nice and took us downstairs to show us where they've had some paranormal experiences themselves. 

Tonopah is an incredible town and we recommend you taking a weekend to really get to know this historic location!

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