Waverly Hills Sanatorium                                  Louisville, Kentucky

Another location on our top five paranormal dream investigations in America. Kevin and Anthony's production company was doing research on a project and was able to secure a date there. So again, to be able to have this type of chance to walk through the halls of one of the most active paranormal locations was a dream. As you drive up the long pathway and see the majestic structure rise up from the horizon just takes your breath away. 

Waverly Hills Sanatorium is huge. Imagine how big it is, then double that. It's an amazing property. Again, it's one thing that you have in your mind from watching this venue on television and a whole other reality when you're standing in its shadow. Waverly Hills lives up to the anticipation. It epic on so many levels. 

We had an amazing night there. Insane interactions on the fourth floor. Short child like shadow figures were seen on the fifth floor. Anticipation was a good word to describe that feeling. You felt like anything could happen when you turned a corner or opened a door. You just didn't know. Waverly is on a scale like no other - we couldn't investigate every level in the time we had there - that gives you an idea of how large this place really is.


We do hope we have a chance to come back and experience everything that Waverly Hills has to offer us.