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We've included some of our best examples of photographs over our years of investigating.  As you probably are already aware of - capturing these moments is rare and we've been lucky to have the few we can share and stand behind. 

Lincoln Heights Jail - Bilingual Foundation for the Performing Arts

Another strange photo that we captured at the Lincoln Heights Jail was in the cafeteria. No one can explain what that is glowing in the distance. We've also included a photo of the same area that we took later to try and debunk the first photo. 

Close Up.jpg


The Warner Grand Theater in San Pedro, California is near to our hearts. They've always welcomed us with open arms and the location has always been very open to us as well. This photo was taken as we were conducting an EVP session on the main stage looking out into the audience. We've added some closer shots to help show some of the details. 

Close Up 2.jpg
Close up.jpg

Here's another interesting light anomaly we caught at the Lincoln Heights Jail. What caught our eye on this photo is the distance from the camera the anomaly is, how bright it is in comparison to a light plugged into the wall to the right of it and how it blinks out on the very next photo. 

We do understand moisture or dust particles refracting lights; but this just seems to be almost out of range for that to occur. 

LA Close Up 2.jpg
LA Close Up.jpg
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