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We only had the chance to investigate Heritage Junction the one time; but we made some amazing friends in Linda, Bridget and Joe that night. I think that's one of the best things about getting to investigate new places - meeting new people who just get you and where you're coming from. Glad to still call them all friends to this day.

The clips below is from us doing some EVP work in the main room of the train depot. You can see the light anomaly come from Kevin and then disappear in to the air. 


The following videos were taken while investigating next door to the Oman House. David was having a large event at his home and rented out the house next door as an additional space for people to investigate beyond his always remarkable home. Our team were guests of David's and if you ever have a chance to participate in an event at the Oman House - do it. You'll be blown away!

As things were winding down at the event, we went down to the basement level of the house next to David's. The energy had changed after a seance had taken place in that living room. We decided to grab some equipment and start investigating as the room became heavy and the energy darker.  The first clip shows Kevin and Lynly conducting an EVP session on the bed. You can see they had several K-2 meters, and EDI meter and some recorders. And all eyes on them in the room. 

It was remarkable to see this in person as the instruments lit up as they were about to get up off the bed. They'd been feeling vibrations through the bed throughout the session. 


This next clip was a little later on in the same session. You can see that there was something there in the room with us and it had some darker intentions. 


Honestly, I was surprised when I saw this footage as I thought no one had caught any portion of this. This was such a unique experience to explain. Lynly was having troubles getting up out of that bed. We tried to sit her up which as the video shows, was an effort.  Unfortunately what the video didn't capture was the fact Lynly couldn't walk AND three guys couldn't help her to her feet. It was surreal and we're glad of course, nothing bad happened to Lynly.


In this clip, you can see a light anomaly emerge from the top of Olivia's head and shoot out into the night.  We can't be sure that there is also an audio anomaly as that light anomaly appears. What do you think?


In this clip, we can see the anomaly streak past Johnny's left shoulder and then vanish. 

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