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Warren Occult Museum                                  Monroe, Connecticut


I know we're starting to sound like a broken record in describing some of these investigations as being once in a lifetime experiences or dream locations. To be honest, this trip was never a dream; because I never dreamed something like this could possibly happen to a small team from LA. But here we were. Doing something beyond what some would call a dream. 

This all became possible because Johnny works at the famous Warner Brothers studio in Burbank. He came across the production for The Conjuring 2 as they filmed there and built a relationship with their production and film crew. The next thing you know, Johnny's having a one on one conversation with the legendary Lorraine Warren on the set of the Amityville attic. Then we were invited to help investigate the soundstage they were working on. Side note - we caught a few amazing EVPs while we were there. We were thrilled - dream done - on with our lives. 

But, while on the set of The Conjuring 2 - Johnny met and because fast friends with Tony and Judy Spera, Ed and Lorraine's daughter and son in law. Tony is the lead of the Warrens' investigative team, NESPER and is carrying on the tradition of doing phenomenal work in the field.  Every so often, NESPER holds an event "Dinner with Annabelle" in Connecticut. And they were kind enough to extend an invitation. I think the team was already at the airport by the time Johnny finished telling us about the invitation. 

We were able to meet the most incredible lady, Lorraine Warren on this trip. I'll never forget the radiant feeling coming from her and you spoke with her. We also did have Dinner with Annabelle and as you can see - took some photos and videos with her. The only warning in being around Annabelle; is NOT to address or interact with her. Don't try to make a connection with whatever is attached to her. Another side note - the next morning when we met up at the Warren Occult Museum, Tony explained that when Annabelle was brought back to the Museum; the St. Michael's medallions they screw into the case had popped off. Now, these were long screws that didn't just come loose or the heads were snapped off - the screws were out of the case. It gave us all a chill. 

The Museum itself is amazing. If you're sensitive or open to energies, it'll hit you when you walk in and push you the entire time you're standing there. There's a lot of artifacts in that Museum. It gets a little overwhelming when you realize each item has a story and a curse or death attached to it. What also surprised us was that Ed's office is attached to the Museum. I couldn't imagine reviewing evidence a few feet away from all of these cursed items. But Ed did for many, many years. 

It was a trip I don't think any of us will ever forget. 

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