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Glen Tavern Inn                                                                       Santa Paula, California

There are several locations at the Glen Tavern that are considered hot spots for activity. Room 104 is one of them. 
We've had some amazing and relevant EVP responses there. I've personally had my ankle pulled a few times while taping an EVP session. Nothing scary at all, it's just exciting to realize that's happening to you.
Some people have claimed that the bed on the left moves away from the wall at night. Additional reports of activity include the lamps turning on and off, the closet and bathroom doors shutting and the water running in the sink.


Another area where we've had a lot of paranormal encounters is Room 307. There have been a few things that have happened to us in that room, that we can't explain.
On our last visit, we were able to catch some clear EVP/Spirit Box responses to questions we were asking. 
We'll post some video shortly of that Spirit Box session.
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