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Heritage Junction                                                                           Newhall, California


Heritage Junction is a collection of buildings, in various stages of restoration, with historical significance to the community of Santa Clarita.


The center point of the junction is the Saugus Train Station, the first building moved by the historical society, housing a museum highlighting the history of the Santa Clarita Valley. Inside you will find the collection of knick knacks and memorabilia includes a table that was supposedly the table Wild Bill Hickok was sitting at when he was shot, an Indian Drum made by Young Osceola (ostensibly the World's Largest) and the Trunk used to carry Buffalo Bill Cody's gold-plated revolvers. These were all collected from a tourist trap in Santa Clarita that went out of business in the '80s.


The train station has been featured in a number of films, inducing a film by Frank Sinatra called "Suddenly," which also featured most of Downtown Newhall, and the most recent big budget movie, "The Grifters." Another item of interest in the Junction is the Mogul Engine donated to the Historical Society by Gene Autry; it also was featured prominently in many western films of Hollywood.


The Society operates Heritage Junction, a site including eight historic buildings: the 1890 Pardee House, the 1893 Newhall Ranch House, the 1887 Saugus Train Station, the 1865 Mitchell Adobe, the 1919 Edison House, the 1878 Kingsburry House, the 1927 Callahan Schoolhouse, and the 1926 Ramona Chapel.

We had the chance this year to investigate at the Heritage Junction in Newhall which is about 15 minutes away from where I live. We were met with Linda, Bridget and Joe from  Paranormal Practice who were amazing hosts. They shared their many stories and experiences from years of investigating the property. It was a pleasure to have them with us!
There are three main areas of investigation - The main train depot, which has the main room, the museum and then the second floor; the Heritage House itself, where some spirits really can get aggressive with people and then the Pardee House (yes, we kept calling it the Party House while we were there) where just a week prior, a female investigator was attacked. 
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