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Heritage Junction                                                                           Newhall, California

We started out on the second floor of the Train Depot. We had about an hour in each location before switching out with the other two teams. We didn't catch any evidence while we were there but the air was electrified, so we were all excited to continue with the investigation.
We went downstairs to the Main Room of the Train Depot where some friends explained that they had seen a shadow in the far corner of the room. We set up our equipment - cameras, recorders, laser grids, K-2s) and spread out around the space. 
Bridget was the first to start hearing voices. As the time passed, we started hearing those same voices around us. Some male. Some female. But you could hear them in the air. Bridget also noticed some lights near Kevin. It was then when we caught this light anomoly coming off of Kevin.


It's pretty relevant as these lights seemed to hang around Kevin while we were there. 

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