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Howe-Waffle House                                                Santa Ana, California

We have to thank Ernie wth Haunted OC for his help in organizing this investigation at the Howe-Waffle House. It was a great night and we had a fun time exploring the surrounding old town of Santa Ana before arriving at our location. 
Doctors Alvin and Willella Howe moved into the house in 1889. Besides being their residence with their two daughters, this was also where they practiced medicine with part of the attic converted to patient rooms. Dr. Willella Howe-Waffle was one of the countries first female doctors and had an amazing career - with over 1,000 babies delivered throughout her 38 years of practicing medicine. She passed away at the age of 74 while at a patient's bedside.
Controversy came to the home when Dr. Alvin Howe, was accused by Orange County's first Grand Jury, of performing an abortion on a local woman. The jury later found that the evidence was hearsay and Dr. Howe was cleared of charges. However, the damage to his reputation had been done. He left for San Francisco. Dr. Willella Howe later married a local farmer, Edson Waffle who moved into her home with her family. 
The house itself was relocated to its current location in 1975.
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