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JOHNNY MATOOK - Investigator


While growing up in Chicago I experienced paranormal occurrences that I couldn't explain at a young age. Not until I arrived in L.A. that I decided to explore it further. 


After doing my very first investigation at the Queen Mary it blew my mind what I captured only being armed with an old digital voice recorder. From the voice of a screaming man, to another spirit answering he was murdered, to the late Famous Psychic Peter James (who I was lucky enough to have met when I was a young child) stating in his special tone of voice "He was here" which is now used by Psychic Chris Fleming at his seminars.  Saying I was excited would be an understatement!


But most importantly I appreciated the paranormal community and how they accepted me with open arms. And I met people that I consider to this day my closest and dearest friends for life. And having the chance to explore this with them has been such an amazing adventure. 


Each new location brings something new to learn. Most importantly to assist in the further research of paranormal activity and to help make sure that the spirits voices/stories are heard...if need be guided to the light to move on. 


I'm lucky enough to be with Paul and Kevin. Searching for answers to things that are unexplained and go bump in the night. 


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