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Linda Vista Hospital                                                           Boyle Heights, California

We've been on several investigations there at Linda Vista Hospital before it closed down for renovations. It was an amazing opportunity to walk through an abandoned hospital in Los Angeles with the knowledge of the violence that took place in the surrounding neighborhoods.
Although we never caught any evidence that was note worthy, every investigation had its moments of hearing footsteps, voices or that incredible feeling of not being alone. The most activity I felt was on the Fourth and Fifth floors - on some occassions, they would not allow people on the fifth floor because of reported shadow people. 

The other amazing feature to the Hospital was the tunnel that stretched under the parking lot to the Psychiatric Hospital. Stories say that room 323 was the most haunted in that building with a demonic entity that stays there. There have been reports of growls and investigators being scratched while in that room. We were never able to get any experiences there in room 323, but you did have an unnerving feeling while sitting there alone in the dark.

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