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Miner's Cabin, Gold Hill Hotel and Saloon           Gold Hill, Nevada

This was such a lucky treat to get to investigate this location. We've been fans of the place since watching the Ghost Adventures' documentary and have always wanted to check it out. It's hard to book, sometimes even months in advance, but when we saw it was available the same weekend that we booked the Washoe Club - we knew it was meant to be.







So, a little history:


The Gold Hill Hotel and Saloon was built in 1861 and stands as Nevada's oldest standing hotel. It's a fantastic building to step into a feel what it was like to live back in that era. There is a newer part to the hotel, added much later, but it all comes across as very haunted. There's the Saloon - and with an epic fireplace - makes a cool place to hang out while the snow fell outside. If you are looking for a great meal, the Crown Point Restaurant is one of the best reviewed and has an amazing menu!



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