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Miner's Cabin


The big question of the day - Is the Miner's Cabin haunted?  Our opinion is YES.


Here's what we encountered while we stayed there.


On Friday, things were a little chaotic with us just getting into town. We left two digital recorders in the cabin while we investigated the Washoe Club. The first recorder left in the Front Bedroom/Living room actually captured a great EVP as we were leaving. Olivia had brought some chocolate gold coins to use as trigger objects during the investigations - Kevin asks about the gold coins as we were leaving and you can hear the reply on this clip:








The back bedroom's recorder didn't catch anything as clear as the first recorder. But in over 4 hours of recording, there were over 30 loud thumps or footsteps, not car doors - you can identify those quickly with people talking - several sounds like a door latching closed. We'll try to edit that down to a mega-clip for you to hear.



Saturday morning, Olivia mentioned that her bed was shaking to the point it woke her up. She chalked it up to our festivites, but when she mentioned this to our friend Edward, he informed us that people have reported that bed is the one that gets shaken throughout the night. 



On Saturday night, the bed shook hard enough to wake both people up from a sound sleep. Thoughout the day, the doors that connected the back bedroom and the bathrooms would close on their own. Not just close - but latch shut. We noticed that happening three different times. And, at one point during the night, one door slammed shut with enough force to wake up everyone in the front room.



Also that night, I was sleeping the in back bedroom and heard at least a dozen loud, firm thumps on the floor and on the walls all around the room. Kevin, who was also in the room asleep, woke up to hear the same thumps. 



We were really surprised at the amount of activity we were catching Saturday night and it makes us want to head back there and perhaps just focus our investigation on the Cabin this time around. 


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