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Point Sur Lighthouse                                       Point Sur, California 

The Lightkeepers House was extremely active on this investigation. We captured quite a few knocks, footsteps and a lot of a little girl speaking to us throughout the night. Julie had told us from the beginning we would hear a little girl throughout the property and she was absolutely right! Again, we hope to post these clips up to the website soon! Here are a few clips of evidence we came across. 

Three of our investigators are in the little boy's upstairs bedroom. They were completely alone in the building with the rest of us spread out in other locations. You can hear the knocks in response to the question being asked.  

Here, the same three investigators are in one of the little girl's bedrooms down the hall when they caught a great EVP from the little girl herself. 

In the following clip we caught something that is still perplexing us to this day. A transparent white form passes in front of the camera. I'm (Paul) holding the camera, so I can assure you that it was not my hand. We examined this frame by frame and the anomaly is only present for 6 out of the 30 frames per second. What's even more interesting, is that each image is only held for 2 frames at a time. You can hear Johnny sitting on the couch next to me react to it. This is followed by a man's voice then followed by a woman's voice. It's a crazy and exciting few seconds of footage though.

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