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Point Sur Lighthouse                                           Point Sur, California

The Lighthouse and its supporting buildings sit a top of this volcanic outcropping, surrounded almost completely by the Pacific Ocean. The views from the top of the Lighthouse were like something out of a movie.  This photo also gives you an idea of how remote a location this is. There are seals/sea lions on some of the rocks in the ocean below and you can hear them occasionally barking at each other across the water. But, they are easily distinguished when reviewing footage and audio. 

Besides the Lighthouse itself, there are several additional support structures that we also were able to investigate - The Lightkeepers House, the Triplex, the Barn, and The Blacksmith's Shop. Once everyone was unpacked and ready, we begain the tour of the property. 

The Lightkeepers House - this is where the head lightkeeper and his family would live during their tenure there at Point Sur. It's been maintained almost perfectly over the years - like a time capsule. Perfect for reaching out to spirits that might still reside there. More on that a little later.

Before we even started our tour, we left a camera running in the Lightkeepers home - believe us when we say there was no one else around for miles that could have contaminated the audio. The area was so active that Julie, throughout our initial walk through, was getting EVPs - we are believers when Julie told us it was as active in the daytime as it is at night.

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