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Point Sur Lighthouse                                           Point Sur, California

The Tri-plex. This two story structure was built to accomodate three additional families who would live there during their time at the Lighthouse. We captured a lot of different knocks, voices and light anomalies throughout the night. As the night would go on, we discovered a great deal of energy associated with this building.

As we were getting situated on the second floor of the Tri-plex for our first EVP session, Kevin was able to catch a light abnormality strobing from the back of one of our investigators. A second, fainter light anomaly could be seen a few seconds after this clip as well. 

This EVP happened right after the light anomaly, as we were settling in to our spots - we were able to get a welcome to one of our investigators by one of the spirits. Please turn up your speakers or use your headphones to be able to hear it loud and clear.

This clip was captured later on during the evening with three of our friends solo in the Tri-plex second floor. They would hear footsteps on the floors above them only to find no one there. They would hear loud knocks and bangs in the rooms of the next house over. Again, they were alone in the entire structure. Here's a clip of what are bootsteps and a door unlatching and opening. But the doors to the Tri-plex do not have latches to them currently.

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