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Point Sur Lighthouse                                         Point Sur, California

The Blacksmith's Workshop. We caught some of our most interesting EVPs at this location. Again, you can see how much care and detail has gone into keeping this historic workshop pristine.

Again, three of our friends were alone in the Blacksmith's Workshop. After a question, you can hear a little girl making a noise/laughing. This was a physical sound that was in the room. It was heard in the moment as you can tell. It was right next to one of our friends and you can hear her reaction to the noise. It's one thing to hear a vocalization on your recorder or video, but it's another level of energy when you can hear it with your own ears in the dark. 

Here's where things get a little more interesting - about 10 - 15 minutes after this encounter, three different investigators are in the Blacksmith's Workshop when they captured an EVP that was relevant as our friend, who was one of the three in the previous clip, is called out by name by a male voice this time. 

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