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Point Sur Lighthouse                                        Point Sur, California


As we drove down Pacific Coast Highway and stopped at the Farm Gate to enter on to the property. This is the vision that loomed before us. At the moment in time, we knew were in for an adventure!


A little bit of history on the Lighthouse - it took three years to complete and on August 1st, 1889 - the Point Sur Lighthouse first turned on its bright light. There would be four lightkeepers and their families that would live on the rock while they maintained the Lighthouse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Life for these families was somewhat isolated with bulk supplies being delivered once every four months or so.


There have been approximately 24 shipwrecks accounted for the area around Point Sur and even the U.S.S. Macon a rigid airship which crashed in the ocean nearby on February 12th, 1935. Out of 83 crew members, only 2 were lost at sea. There is a great exhibit of this in the Visitor's Center at the Lighthouse with some recovered pieces of the Mason on display. To give you an ideal of scale, it was 785 feet long - roughly three times the legnth of a Boeing 747.


The Lighthouse is built on volcanic rock and it is amazing to see in person. The drive up to the rock reminded us of the movie, The Lady in Black. With one long pathway that would seem to wash away with the high tides leaving you stranded above the crashing ocean. We were very fortune to get access to the Lighthouse as found out we were only the 5th or 6th paranormal team to actually investigate this location. 


We literally had the best people we could ask for as our guides for this investigation. Julie is just amazing - friendly, welcoming and knows every secret the Lighthouse has to share. Her exuberant energy is contagious and she shares her many, many experiences with the spirits that are still there on the property. She's on a first name basis with each one of them. And a special thanks to Monica for getting us safely up to the Lighthouse and back down at the end of the very long day! These ladies really made this investigation, one that we will never forget!


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