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Pt. Sur Lighthouse  - 2nd Investigation                     Pt. Sur, California


This time out was much quieter for us. We heard some amazing boot steps at the Blacksmith's Shop and just outside of the barn. Heavy men's footstpes that startled all of us when no one appeared at the doorway. There were amazing conversations that Johnny and Olivia had with Pokie in the little girl's room of the Headkeepers' home. And Kevin learned you really can get a little girl spirit to be mad at you. 


For us, this was much more of a peaceful time to enjoy the company of friends in one of the most amazing locations in California. Don't get us wrong, there was lots of investigating going on while we were there and we'll have the evidence at the end of this post for you to listen to. Sometimes, it's more about being in the moment and enjoying where you are and who you are with.


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